Welcome to Sahanra Capital

Sahanra Capital specially focuses on people who are unable to obtain credit facilities from formal sources such as finance companies and banks. Our customers obtain loans to commence new commercial ventures or expand their existing businesses. The loans provided by Sahanra assists Sri Lankan families to earn surplus revenue while contributing to our country’s economy and improving their quality of life.

Operation in Field Level

Sahanra Business Development Officers are involved in identifying, evaluating and assessing technical aspects of customer requests and they recommend loan applications according to below sequence.

  • Contact applicant about loan requirement.
  • Gather personnelinformation of applicant.
  • Explain the product range available through Sahanra.
  • Obtain and verify applicant’s financial information such as the credit rating and income level.
  • Analyse and evaluate the applicant's finances to decide if the applicant is eligible to obtain a loan facility
  • Approve the loan application or refer the application to management for further evaluation.

We are proud to have loyal customers, who shared their success stories

Entrepreneurs Societies

Sahanra have formed Entrepreneurial Societies at Divisional Secretariat level in order to enlighten loan seekers about the benefits. Members of these entrepreneurial societies who have obtained loans from Sahanra are engaged in a wide range of business from small scale businesses such as toffee making to medium scale businesses such as producing garments at the village level.

How We work in the Market

We are committed to openness and trust all of our business dealings. We treat one another with respect and take pride in the significant contributions that come from diversity of our stakeholders and ideas. Our continued success requires us to provide quality financial services to our customers. Our objective is to keep the confidence of our employees and that we will stay focused on the needs of our customers every step of the way. Therefore extending our services beyond usual financial solutions and to other service areas.

We are committed in providing the best solutions, tailor made to the individual customer’s specific requirements. We have introduced innovative products sought after by customers in microfinance.