Director's Message

Our objective is to give leadership to get finance industry to a new track while maintaining the identity of our company. As expected, we are pleased to note that Sahanra Capital Corporation Ltd has taken a new pathway. Overcoming various obstacles in the past, trying novel experiments, we were able to offer credit facilities specially to the under privileged people of the society who cannot access credit facilities from formal finance sectors. However, we have not forgotten economically active other entrepreneurs.

We have initiated outside the normal business activities to supply services to under privilege people due to poverty and ignorance who have distanced from the pressure groups. This institution was started by people for the people and last years gaining a variety of experiences and marched forward in 2016 methodical, substantial and energetic Sahanra Capital Corporation Ltd was born.

Specially on behalf of Sri Lankan rural population, we took steps to provide loan facilities and relevant services through the network of Sahara Business Development Officers. Rural Loan projects based on unlimited experience gained through Sahanra Entrepreneurs' societies in divisional level as a solution to our customers.

Giving something more than general simple credit facilities, Sahanra Capital Corporation Ltd could provide superior and fruitful services to low income, small and medium scale entrepreneurs.

We were able to implement a Training Program for Our staff and Business Development Officers. it is necessary to activate the development of Human Resources to provide professional services to customers.

It’s a pleasure to note that during the short period of time, Sahanra Capital Corporation Ltd has taken a profitable pathway.

I am thankful for our shareholders, Board of directors and dedicated staff members.