Products and Services

Small Group Loans

This product is designed for customers who are unable to afford formal bank loans due to the nature and size of their businesses. It is a group based loan tailor made to improve existing businesses through easy access and a comprehensive repayment method. The settlement duration is respectively 6 months to 12 months and negotiable.

Individual Loans

This is a term loan meant for small and medium enterprises as well as individuals in trade or commerce, services, agriculture and transport sectors of the economy. This loan can be taken for either 3 months 6 months or 12 months period based on the requirements of the customer. Repayment can either be monthly or fortnight, however, negotiable.

Operation in Field Level

Sahanra Business Development Officers involved to identify, evaluating and assessing technical aspects of customer's requests and recommend for approval of loan application and usually adhering to the following guidelines.

  • Contact through request by existing or new business owned to ask what they require.
  • In the event they need a loan, meet the loan applicant to gather personal information.
  • Explain different types of loans and the terms and conditions of loans to customers.
  • Obtain and verify financial information such as the applicant's credit rating and income level.
  • Analyze and evaluate the applicant's finances to decide if the applicant is eligible to obtain the loan.
  • Approve the loan application or refer the application for the consideration of the management.